In addition to our main areas of import and export clearances. We offer several additional services to our clients

CMR and Delivery Note Preparation
We can arrange the completion of documents on your behalf or prepare brand new ones for you such as with CMR’s and delivery notes. This is often useful in cases where specific information is required to be shown on documents but is not known at the time the documents would be prepared. Conversely it may be that some clients would prefer certain information not to be shown on delivery notes.

If you are looking at importing or exporting your products and unsure of the best way of doing this then we can help guide you in the right direction. From GSP certficates for reduced import duty, to products exported or imported for repairs.

Bonded Warehousing
If you looking at setting up a bonded warehousing operation we can advise you on all aspects of operations. This includes from which type of bonded warehouse method would suit your requirements best to the kind of guarantees you would be required to hold with HM Customs. You can if you wish out source the entire operation of your bonded warehouse documentation to us.